Antique framed exvoto, flaming heart exvoto with angel, Holy Spirit Dove and green rhinestones


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Vintage Framed Ex-Voto: Flaming Heart with Angel, Holy Spirit Dove, and Green Rhinestones

Antique Italian framed ex-voto from the early 1900s. Crafted from silver-plated copper, this ex-voto features a sacred flaming heart adorned with an angel at the bottom tip, along with the Holy Spirit Dove above. In the center, a golden monogram “AM” is embellished with a floral garland. The ex-voto is further enhanced with three emerald green glass stones.

Measurements: Frame: 6 3/8″ (16.4 cm) by 8 1/4″ (21 cm), ex-voto: 3 7/8″ by 5 1/2″ (14 cm).

This ex-voto is mounted on a light red paper background and framed in a rectangular plaster frame with raised golden palmette motifs, all protected under glass. Ex-votos like these were tokens of popular devotion, offered in gratitude for received blessings.

In good condition, the ex-voto has no breaks but shows signs of oxidation. The frame is intact, with some dust or moisture traces on the background paper inside the frame.