Antique French black crochet purse with fringes & celluloid frame, flappers’ era hand bag


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Vintage French Crochet Fringe Purse with Celluloid Frame, 1920s Handbag

Indulge in the charm of vintage fashion with this exquisite French crochet purse from the 1920s. Crafted in luxurious black cotton, adorned with delicate fringes, and featuring a stunning celluloid frame, this handbag exudes the glamour of the flapper era. The intricate relief design on the closure depicts hydrangea flowers in hues of light brown and green, adding a touch of elegance. Complete with a matching chain handle and lined in black fabric, this purse is both stylish and practical.

Measurements: Length including fringes: 12 3/4″ (32.4 cm), Max width: 6″ (15.2 cm), Length including handle and fringes: approximately 17 1/4″ (43.7 cm).

Condition: This purse is in good vintage condition, with the only note being the slightly deformed button closure, which may not securely fasten the purse.

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