Antique French ceramic plates, set of 3 earthenware plates for dessert, transfer decor of multicolor flowers, Sarreguemines Lavalliere


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Antique French Ceramic Plates, Set of 3 Sarreguemines Lavalliere Dessert Plates

Add a touch of vintage charm to your table setting with this exquisite set of antique French ceramic dessert plates. Dating back to the late 19th century, this set comprises three earthenware plates adorned with a vibrant transfer decoration of multicolored flowers and lace motifs. The plates feature a light beige base color accented with shades of light gray, sage green, purple, lilac, light yellow, pink, and terracotta.

About the Sarreguemines Lavalliere Decoration:
The iconic Sarreguemines Lavalliere decoration has been a hallmark of elegance since its introduction in the manufacturer’s catalog in 1898. Known for its intricate floral motifs and delicate lace patterns, it epitomizes the timeless beauty of French ceramic craftsmanship.

Diameter: 7 1/2″ (19 cm)

While these plates bear the marks of their age, including a beautiful antique patina and craquelure effect, two of the plates have old chips on the backside, not visible from the front. Despite these minor imperfections, they retain their vintage allure and are perfect for adding a touch of French elegance to any dining experience.

Bring home a piece of French history with this charming set of Sarreguemines Lavalliere dessert plates, ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of antique ceramics.

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