Antique Italian sacred heart exvoto, very ancient heart exvoto, dating back to 1700, very small devotional exvoto


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🌟 Unveil the Secrets of the Past: Antique Italian Sacred Heart Exvoto from the 1700s, A Tiny Relic of Remarkable Significance!

Prepare to be captivated by the whispers of history with our extraordinary antique Italian Sacred Heart exvoto. Crafted in embossed silvered copper foil, this tiny masterpiece is a testament to elegance and simplicity, dating back to the 1700s.

📏 Dimensions:
Dimensions: 1 5/8″ by 2 3/4″ (4.2 cm by 7 cm)

🌹 A Testament of Faith and Gratitude
This delicate and minuscule exvoto is more than a relic; it’s a symbol of faith and gratitude. Whether you’re a collector or looking to enrich your home decor, it’s a timeless addition. Picture it adorning your Christmas decorations, seamlessly blending with the Jeanne D’Arc Living or Nordic Style aesthetics.

🎨 A Glimpse into the 18th Century
This rare gem is a window into a bygone era. Its design exudes sophistication and refinement, showcasing the artistic skill of a past age. The silvered copper foil plate bears witness to centuries of history, reflecting a splendid antique patina adorned with oxidations and darkening.

🔍 A Treasure of Imperfections
The imperfections that embellish this exvoto are not flaws but rather echoes of its time. These marks tell a story, adding character and depth to this ancient relic. Each blemish is a testament to its journey through time.

🧐 Closer Inspection
We invite you to explore the photos up close, allowing you to truly appreciate the unique character of the exvoto before making it a precious addition to your collection.

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Discover the secrets of the past and add a touch of timeless elegance to your collection with this antique Italian Sacred Heart Exvoto. History awaits your embrace.

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