Ceramiche francesi antiche

New Location Filled with Brocante Treasures!

Exciting news after this summer’s return to a “nearly” normal situation! The extended period of lockdown has kindled in me the desire to bring my business out of my home. Thus, a small showroom has been created alongside a space for photo shoots and logistical organization. The new address is in Gabicce Mare, at Via Vittorio Veneto 70.

A small showroom can welcome visitors, by appointment only, who are interested in visiting in person. I’ll be delighted to offer you tea or coffee in a somewhat magical atmosphere!

Dove comprare oggetti d epoca


My Beloved French Enamelware!

An old wood-burning stove covered with hand-painted enamel panels immediately transports us to an early 20th-century kitchen. On the stove’s shelf, you’ll find some of my enameled coffee pots, pans, and spice jars. In the old sideboard, on small shelves and hanging plate racks, you’ll discover many old ceramics, milk coffee bowls, and various other small brocante items perfect for evoking the typical spirit of an old kitchen.

Dove comprare gli smalti francesi antichi


The Corner with Boudoir Accessories: Long Live Femininity!

In the small corner dedicated to the boudoir style, there are delightful touches of vintage femininity. Ladies’ handbags, little hats, silk shoes, fans, ostrich feather boas are just some of the items that can be found here and there on the shelves. They are paired with vintage fabrics, antique quilts, embroidered cushions, work baskets, and small refined accessories that ladies used daily.

Accessori da boudoir in vendita

The arrangements and items change continuously depending on my emotions, my favorite colors of the moment, the season, and the latest treasures that have enriched my offerings!

I am very happy about this change, as it allows me to enjoy my work even more, always in contact with the wonderful world of vintage and brocante items that never cease to fascinate me!

Pizzi francesi antichi


My Passion for Vintage Items

Behind the curtain, strictly made of antique fabric, there is a more technical space used to host many objects, take photos, and prepare vintage items for shipping. I attach great importance to photographing the items in a clear and true-to-reality manner and describing them accurately, trying not to overlook any detail. Since my business is predominantly online, this part of the work has become increasingly demanding and important.

Portagioie antichi da collezione

Another truly crucial moment for me is the phase of preparing items for shipping, as they are often fragile and delicate. I take great care with packaging, trying to protect the items as best as possible to minimize the risks that are always lurking during shipments, especially international ones.

I use high-quality packaging materials and boxes, and I strive to continually improve my packaging.

Scatole francesi vintage da boudoir

So, I also pay attention to the aesthetics of the package. I like to think that my customers are happy when one of my packages arrives, both because they can’t wait to see their newly arrived treasure and because the package is presented nicely and is enjoyable to open.


My Relationship with Customers Passionate About Vintage Items

I like to think about the moment when the package arrives at its destination. In this way, I feel close to my customers, often geographically far from me. I love the idea of bringing a touch of sweetness to their day and I put my all into making it happen.

Smalti francesi antichi in vendita


The buying experience is something I value immensely.

I find that this is a way to make the online shopping experience more intimate and less depersonalized. I like to convey the feeling that there is a person behind the package, just as I like to make my customers feel that I consider them as individuals and not just numbers contributing to increasing revenue.

This new workspace truly makes me very happy. I will share it online, of course, with my customers scattered around the world. However, I will also be very happy to welcome those who wish to visit me in person and feel a bit of nostalgia for the sensory experience of a “shop” where you can see things with your own eyes and touch them with your hands!

Smalti francesi d'epoca ricercatiSee you soon!!!


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