Three Antique Valentine post cards relief hearts and flowers early 1911

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Three Antique Valentine postcards, hearts and flowers, relief, Edwardian era, 1911.

Here are three antique and highly collectable relief Valentine postcards, dated 1911.
They all have the them of hearts and flowers, with gilded details and relief.
These antique postcards are full of symbols, in Victorian era hearts were symbol of Romantic Love, Myosotis flowers mean “remember me” in language of flowers, Cowslips mean Youth and Anemone flowers mean regret.
Wonderful details and tender colors, an antique patina that simply cannot be imitated!
Two of these cards have been posted in 1911, the other one has been written but not posted.
Price is for one post card, you can choose which one to buy at moment of order.

Highly collectable especially if you collect antique postcards with angels or cupids theme and illustrated Victorian and Edwardian era postcards.
Really lovely also to use for your interior decorations, I like to use them to create a wreath hanging them with small clothespins….
Of course a wonderful Valentine’s day gift for every Victorian antiques lover…..

Very good conditions with normal signs of age, the cowslips card has a sign of bent on a corner.

Anemone and myosotis postcards measure 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″; the cowslips postcard measures 3 3/8″ by 5 3/8″.

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