VIEUX PARIS antique French tea cup & saucer Pink with antique roses, vintage pink tea cup, tea cup and saucer of Vieux Paris production


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Wonderful antique French tea cup and saucer, dating circa middle 1800’s produced by one of the manufactures called usually “Vieux Paris” (Old Paris), some history:

Old Paris porcelain, o in French, Vieux Paris, refers not to a single Manufacturer, but to more than thirty ones, based in the city of Paris, between the mid 1700’s until around 1870, at the end of the Second Empire.
The various Paris Artisans, mostly situated in the northeast side of Paris, based their skills in hurry or went out of business. At the outset, they had to compete with King Louis XV’s own Royal Manufactory at Sevres, just 18 miles to the south-west of the city. Old Paris manufactures catered more quickly to change styles and customs.
No mark ever came to synonymous with Old Paris china. Around 70 % of the Old Paris production during its era had no mark at all. Much of the blanks or “white ware” in hard paste were produced by Limoges or Sevres. The Old Paris producers job, was strickly to act as decorators, but magnificent works came from these people. Style from Neo-Classical, Rococo Revival to Renaissance Revival.
The artists who did the decorating of Old Paris were very talented and their products are among the finest European porcelains produced in that time.
When porcelain competetion picked up and new innovative Old Paris products were being produced by numerous factories in and around Paris, manufactures were forced to bring the prices down and the quality up in order to gain a fair share of the market. The range of product widen and so did the designs and variety, hence giving the masses a wide spectrum of choices in Old Paris.

This tea cup and saucer is a lovely example of Vieux Paris production, I simply love the pink borders and the dainty hand painted rosettes with myosotes garlands, the faded gilded fillets and the handle, shaped as a interlaced coral branches in orange color, I have seen similar handles also in some Italian Ginori pieces of the same era.

Delightful tea cup and saucer in Old Paris porcelain to add to your collection, perfect also for your home decor in French style!

Conditions of this Vieux Paris cup and saucer are good, the only things to signal are some fading in gildings, a small black stain near the border of the cup (which I think to be a default of production), a small shock under the edge of the saucer, not visible in the front and some very thin hairs in the saucer which are not very visible unless you look at it very close and which do not endanger its solidity. If you want to see more pics I would be glad to send you on request.

Cup diameter is 4″ (10 cm), tall 3 1/4″ (7 cm), saucer diameter is 6 1/2″ (17 cm).

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