Ancient enamel objects that furnished old kitchens, Victorian period objects, vintage French ceramics and glass.

In my gallery, you can find a rich selection of old enamel kitchenware, both French and European, carefully chosen for the beauty of their decorations and the harmony of their colors.

Bring back the charm of the kitchens of yesteryear with these wonderful old coffee pots, teapots, salt and flour boxes, sets of spice jars, ladle holders, matchboxes, soup tureens… You can create wonderful collections that will give your home a very special flavor! In the past, these everyday objects were decorated with an almost touching care. The kitchen enamel industry developed in the second half of the 19th century, and soon prestigious manufacturers were established in France, Belgium, Germany, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, producing sets of kitchen and toilet objects decorated with various techniques, from the simplest monochromatic pieces to the most refined where the artistic expression of decorators reached truly high levels. I adore searching for these old and fascinating objects, and over time, I have managed to find many that are truly beautiful and rare, enriching many collections. They range from romantic decorations in pastel shades with hand-painted flowers, butterflies, and birds to geometric patterns like polka dots, stripes, and checks, such as the famous checkerboard pattern known as “Lustucru” in classic white and red or white and blue…

Another great passion of mine is old ceramics, mainly of French origin but also English and Italian. What matters is that they are pieces that, with their lines or decorations, can evoke emotions and harmonize with other items I choose, creating harmony. I often come across old French coffee milk cups, and I adore them for their versatility. There are so many different types with unique decorations, and by combining them, you can create beautiful compositions. They were produced by all the major French manufacturers and are often found with the signs of time. The ceramics take on darker shades of color, which I find beautiful and unique. I use them a lot in combination with enamel objects to create decorations that immediately take us back to long-forgotten atmospheres.

Other ceramics that are very fascinating due to their high artistic content are the so-called “Barbotines.” They were also made by all the major European manufacturers and, with their bright or delicate colors and original shapes, can create beautiful and refined effects in interior decoration. They are highly sought-after collectible items.

In all these humble and everyday objects that once filled old kitchens, I am fascinated by the traces of lived lives, the forms dictated by practicality, which inevitably lead to pure and essential lines, the patina given by time that makes them gentle to the touch, and the practical functions for which they were designed, which tell us about how the kitchen worked in the past. I have always perceived the kitchen as the beating heart of a home and a mirror of social evolution and the role of women.

In addition to enamel and ceramics, you can also find many other furnishings such as small cabinets, boxes for sewing work covered with old fabrics, old baskets, tin boxes, mirrors, frames, vintage objects carefully selected after thorough research for the beauty of their decorations and their “personality,” able to harmonize with each other and with my textile furnishing proposals according to a subtle “elective affinity”…